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Welcome to Grabdata.com - Login above to access your data

This site provides access to graphs and tools for analyzing information collected from remote, unattended monitoring systems.  The information available for retrieval from this web site can be viewed by anyone with proper access credentials at their leisure.

Grabdata provides a convenient, secure way to share information amongst colleagues, with customers, or with business partners.

For licensed users, we are also making available a suite of tools for managing and retrieving data:

Merlin.Web - a powerful interactive graphing tool for retrieval and analysis of data from defined stations and sensors.
Create-a-Chart - a graphing tool for plotting any two measurements on a single graph in order to find relationships.
GeoTDR - a web-based graphing tool for Time Domain Reflectometry waveforms.
Sitehawk - a map-based interface for retrieving measurements at a specific location.