Reporting Samples

Grabdata is much more than cost saving’s access and support to your hosted data.

Grabdata also provides management and meaningful visualization to your data virtually any way you need, with comprehensive admin tools, data sharing, real-time mapping, on-demand reporting, QA/QC and data rating, event alarms and more, for any device.

Below are just a few examples of what Grabdata offers:



Merlin Chart Merlin Chart: Interactive plotting with scrolling, zoom, export and QA/QC tools.
data catalog Info Pages: Combine web pages with jpg images from Merlin.
site hawk Site Hawk: Real-time mapping and overview of measurements and alarms..
stream rating Stream Rating: Apply rating curves to measurements over specific date ranges.
create-a-chart Create A Chart: Plot and apply math functions to correlate any 2 data series.
data catalog Data Catalog: View all measurements at a glance and apply QA/QC filters.
grabdata by Eaysco