Marshall Bridge Creek Level

The potential for localized flooding exists in the area of Marshall Road at the Alamo Creek Bridge whenever the Three Oaks Community Center stream gauge on Alamo Creek indicates a depth of 18 feet or higher. However, since creek levels can rise rapidly, everyone living in an area which has previously experienced flooding should consider taking protective measures whenever the stream gauge reads 16 feet or higher. Protective measures include, but are not limited to, moving vehicles and other property that can be damaged to higher ground.

Localized flooding generally begins withwater rising above the gutters and flowing into the streets. Depending on the severity of the event, flood waters may then rise above the curb and enter onto private property.

The flood related information above is based on historical data and is subject to change. Other Factors can also impact the creek level at which flooding can occur and the areas which may flood. For flood updates and advistory information, please monitor Cable Channel 26, KUIC FM 95.3, and the City's Website's "What's New" section.